Due to the porous nature of natural stone, it will be necessary to apply a primary seal to protect it. A natural stone that has been sealed correctly; that is sealed to saturation, will be very effective against the impregnation of dirt and liquids. It is essential that natural stone is sealed prior to grouting to protect the stone.

On completion of the grouting, the floor should be wiped over to ensure that all grout residues has been removed. Once the grout has dried, the floor should be brushed to remove any dust particles. If any excess grout remains on the floor after it has been cleaned, Lithofin Power Clean may be used to remove any stubborn marks.

In most cases, Lithofin MN Stain-Stop can be used to seal stone. As these sealers will not change the colour of the material, a product such as Lithofin Colour Intensifier should be used where one wishes to intensify the colour of the stone. Depending upon the material being treated, it may be necessary to apply more than two coats of the sealer to the floor to achieve saturation.

Natural Stone sealed with Lithofin MN Stain-Stop should be cleaned using Lithofin Easy-Care. Lithofin Wexa may be used to remove any grease, oil or ingrained dirt.

Please Note. In some instances the fumes from certain sealants may be unpleasant and cause breathing difficulties for the young and old. It is important to ensure that there is good air-circulation and that an appropriate respirator is worn.