One of the most beautiful features of natural stone is its versatility. Being able to manipulate and work a block of stone and create a piece of beauty. This is what we do with our bespoke stone sinks. We mill, grind and polish blocks of solid stone to produce beautiful basins.

Aiding with the overall design, fitting and advise on the correct waste. Stone Collection produce basins, sinks and troughs for both residential and commercial projects. Most recently we have taken on a three year project manufacturing and installing bespoke stone sinks for the Credit Suisse refurbishment in London.

To reduce weight and make the basins larger we can fabricate them out of slabs of marble or stone. The mitred edges and corners will make the stone basin look deeper than it actually is, giving it the appearance it has been produced from a solid block of stone.

Alternatively we can produce solid stone sinks made from a block of solid material. Our CNC machines can mill down and polish the stone to make a smooth finish. Shaped to your exact designs. Marble basins are extremely heavy and car should be taken when installing.

To support the weight of these sinks, special brackets are required to give the appearance the basin is floating.

Bardiglio Nouvalto marble sink carved from a 100mm thick block of stone.

Morais black brushed marble sink manufactured from 20mm slabs.

Light Emperador marble sink fabricated from 20mm slabs.