The environment is a great concern to us all, and we have taken steps to reduce our impact on the environment around us. Some of the steps are small and some are much larger but they all add up and by doing our part we are hopefully contributing to a greener, safer, healthier planet.

Natural stone, is one of the most sustainable building materials available today, it has little impact on the environment by way of its extraction and production. Generally, green energy is used to power the factories that produce the stone, water is recycled and very few chemicals are used to produce the finished product. Damaged or broken tiles are reused to produce smaller tiles; inferior quality tiles are sold to third world countries where the quality of tiles required isn’t so high. The waste material is reused right the way down to the dust particles which are recycled to produce cement and quartz materials.

Where do we do our bit; well we start by only buying large quantities of goods at a time, we use containers and large heavy goods vehicles to transport our materials because they are much more economical and don’t have such a big carbon foot print.

We have also taken steps to reduce our waste; pallets are reused from one order to another, when we have damaged tiles we cut them into smaller tiles or crush them into gravel and sell it onto third party companies.

Stone Collection employ a national distribution company to deliver our materials in the UK, the carbon footprint of our deliveries is reduced because full lorries are used to transport the goods around the country rather than small individual deliveries. We have stopped sending invoices and letters to our clients and make all our communication by email as to reduce the amount of paper we use.

We are continually looking for ways to improve, help the planet and reduce the impact of our company.