The latest machinery, craftsmanship and expertise sets Stone Collection apart from other stone companies. Our Workshop team can help you plan and prepare your project and ensure that the stone you choose is handled and fitted perfectly at every stage.

We can add years of insight and experience into any project; we can advise you on your plans and specifications and work with you to achieve the highest quality results. We are happy to work from a designer’s sketch or an architect’s drawing to produce any bespoke item that the project requires.

We are happy to work on any size project. We have experience in some very large scale projects and our masons are highly skilled craftsmen experienced in producing high quality bespoke pieces. We also, of course, ensure that our work is fitted with care, precision and technique.

We evaluate every possible angle to ensure that we eliminate any potential pitfalls associated with bespoke stonework. We use only the finest quality materials and equipment during the manufacturing process.

Templates for each project are carefully manufactured from Corex or mdf, we can also produce templates using digital machinery  to ensure the utmost accuracy. Our machinery is state of the art, and our craftsman trained to the highest standards.