View our selection of quality bespoke natural stone. Our selection of bespoke natural stone includes marble, limestone, granite, slate and travertine. In addition for your kitchen worktop we have a large selection of quartz materials.

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Natural Stone Supplier

Natural Stone Installers are a leading fabrication and installation company in London and the South East. Manufacturing high quality bespoke natural stone works and kitchen worktops. Working on many prestigious projects in and around London.  Furthermore we manufacture bespoke basins, shower trays, bath surrounds and cut to size work.

We have hundreds of marble, limestone and granite slabs in stock. Stone tiles and paving can be viewed in our stone showroom. We also work closely with many technical stone suppliers including Silestone and Santa Margherita. Along with new technology from the likes of Neolith with their large format sintered slabs.

Choosing the correct natural stone

How do you choose the correct material? Natural stone is extremely durable and can be used as a paving, or as a floor tile and wall tile. You must also consider the application, for example a floor paving tile should be anti-slip if it’s being used in a wet area. It should not be to porous if used inside a shower, and finally price, some marbles are very expensive whereas limestones and granites are much cheaper. You don’t always need to buy the most expensive to get the correct look.

You should also think about bespoke natural stone in the design process, because the results can be amazing when working with natural stone.

Bespoke Natural stone

We excel in cut to size and original bespoke stone work. We have invested heavily in the latest CNC machinery and as a result improved our production times and quality. To view images of our latest projects follow us on instagram.

Kitchen worktop

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service in particular the personal touch we add. Working with all the major brands we are specifically aiming to produce high quality kitchen worktops at affordable prices. With this in mind we have a range of countertops to suit all budgets. Choose from bespoke naturalstone and composite quartz materials.

Cut-to-size stone

At Natural Stone Installers we undertake bespoke and cut to size stone works. We also undertake commercial installations from bathroom fit-outs to complete project work.

Commercial projects

Working with Architects and Interior Designers we understand what is needed on a project. We are able to offer support while materials and specifications are chosen. To this end our team are both experienced and knowledgable.

Stone installation

Our team of skilled stonemasons will complete your natural stone project to the highest standards. Our works include private residences and commercial projects. We have a dedicated team able to offer technical information. Most noteworthy we offer advise on stone fitting, grouting, material substrates and waterproofing.

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about natural stone

Natural stone was formed millions of years ago. A combination of heat and pressure formed different minerals that pushed up to the earths crust to form quarries of marble, granite, limestone and many other natural stones.

Natural stone tiles are made from slabs produced from processed blocks of stone and machined into square or rectangular tiles. These tiles are then polished to create a honed or polished finish. Other treatments can be applied to the tiles surface to create textured finishes.

Stone should be maintained by cleaning it with neutral ph cleaners and protecting it with natural stone sealers, this will ensure that your stone tiles last a lifetime.

Working with natural stone

Stonemasons working with natural stone are very skilled and can create beautiful objects. Fabricators such as ourselves use expensive CNC machines and workstations to produce complicated designs. These include worktops, bathroom vanity tops, stone stairs, and other bespoke stone products. Diamond drills and diamond cutting tools are used to drill and cut natural stone. By using the correct cutting speed and plenty of water you can reduce the chance of it cracking or chipping.

Natural stone tiles are cut on our large bench saws. We can produce standard size tiles or cut to bespoke dimensions. When fitting stone tiles you need to use a flexible rapid setting natural stone tile adhesive. All natural stones need to be sealed with a penetrating stone sealer and grouted with a flexible grout.

Stone Restoration

The cleaning and restoration of natural stone has an important place in our business. From the restoration of existing stone to the cleaning of facades using our Doff cleaning system we ensure the correct technique is used. Our skilled masons can tackle any sized project from re-polishing floors, the replacement of damaged tiles and cleaning of natural stone.


Marble and limestone tiles can be used almost anywhere in the home, creating an up market look and adding value to your property. Compared to ceramic and porcelain tiles that try and replicate the look of natural stone; you see the difference instantly. Wall tiles and floor tiles come in many different sizes and large format tiles can be produced to special order. Available in many different finishes, honed, polished, and antique tiles are all very popular.

Colours ranging from white to black and red to green, where grey tiles and white tiles are currently the most popular. With prices ranging from £50 m2 upto £1000 m2. Remember if you tile a bathroom or wet area, the substrate must be waterproofed prior to fitting the tile, and all natural stone tiles must be sealed with a penetrating stone sealer.

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Marble is a Metamorphic rock formed when the calcium carbonate in limestone or dolomite dissolves and recrystallises under the increased pressure and heat that the rock experiences over time.

Marbles come in a variety of colours from white, grey, cream, black, brown and green. With white marble becoming increasingly popular. Carrara Bianco is at the lower end of the price scale and Calacatta Gold and Statuario are considerably more expensive. The quality of stone doesn’t improve with a higher price. The back ground colour, the sharpness of veins, the volume of stone available that affects the price.

Marble is widely used in construction as a flooring and wall covering material. Sculptors have used it from the roman times.

Unsealed marble is porous and absorbs water. If liquids are left to sit on a marble surface it will be absorbed and may leave a stain. Acids can also etch the surface of the stone so caution must be used when choosing its application. To protect marble it needs to be regularly treated with sealant.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed primarily from calcium carbonate in the sea floor and beds of old reefs and rivers. Large fossils and ammonites are found in limestone and add character to the material.

Ranges in colour from cream, through grey to beige and light brown. Limestone is typically a soft natural stone, with some varieties being much harder and more resilient to scratching and wear.

Many of the most commonly used limestones are found in Portugal, Spain and Turkey. The UK has some very beautiful and unusual materials. Limestone has been a popular building material through the ages as it is readily available, relatively easy to work and good for fine detail.

As with all natural stones limestone needs to be regularly sealed to protect it, as untreated limestone is porous and will absorb water and stain easily, limestone is vulnerable to damage from acidic substances such as vinegar and citric acid.


Granite is an igneous rock with a coarse granular texture. Formed beneath the earth’s crust from molten rock under conditions of high pressure and temperature, Granite is most commonly found in mountain ranges with high quartz content.

Granite is widely used as a kitchen worktop as granite worktops are hard, strong, and are heat and scratch resistant. Furthermore once sealed they are very resilient to marking and staining. The rise in popularity of quartzite’s and technical stones is having an impact on the amount of granite countertops that are now being produced.

Limestone, granite and some marbles are all similarly priced. Granite worktops are considered to add value to a property.

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